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I’ll show you how to evolve your leadership from management practices of the past that silently sabotage your success to enlightened leadership abilities that take you to the next level.


This is your path forward! I’ll guide you through the beliefs and skills needed to future-proof your leadership and instill new confidence that will not only forge world-class teams and outperform your competition, but all while avoiding the pitfalls that trap most other leaders.practices and structures to create more self-managed and accountable teams and organizations.

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“Heather is hands down the best coach I’ve ever had. She has fostered deep personal growth and helped me show up as the person and professional I most want to be. I’ve gotten nudges when needed, support when needed, and most importantly, an open and honest thoughtful partner to help me navigate the workplace and maximize my contribution. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather to my friends and colleagues.”

Nancy Parker Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer

Where Do We Go From Here?

An essential blueprint for designing a vibrant, cutting-edge organization – leading from love not fear.

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Untethered Consulting - Leadership Consulting, Executive Coaching, Speaking Engagements
Untethered Consulting - Leadership Consulting, Executive Coaching, Speaking Engagements
Untethered Consulting - Leadership Consulting, Executive Coaching, Speaking Engagements

Influencing Ideas

A new organizational paradigm is emerging, turning our current concept of work and management upside down. This game changer that might transform the way we work is called “Teal”. Teal organizations bring the following:

  • Self-management
  • Wholeness
  • Evolutionary Purpose

Conscious Capitalism exists to elevate humanity.

Conscious Capitalism has four pillars guiding and underlying a business that practices Conscious Capitalism.

  • Higher Purpose
  • Stakeholder Orientation
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Conscious Culture

Responsive Orgs create a fundamental shift in the way we work by balancing these inherent tensions:

  • Profit & Purpose
  • Hierarchies & Networks of Teams
  • Controlling & Empowering
  • Planning & Experimenting
  • Privacy & Transparency