About Us

Aligned with the Conscious Capitalism, B-Corp, Reinventing Organizations and Responsive movements, we believe organizations have the inherent capacity to make a positive impact in the world.  Our drive is to be a part of transforming organizations into soulful, life-giving evolving systems that fuel the inspiration and wholeness of our world, our organizations and personal lives.

To do so, we need evolved leaders and upgraded organizations.

This philosophy and deeply held belief infuses everything we do and informs who we work with. Not everyone will resonate with this approach and we want to be clear up front to ensure a good fit with those we work with.

Our Values

As we work with individuals and organizations, understanding their beliefs and values is critical to designing solutions and change approaches that create successful and lasting results. These beliefs or core values, whether articulated or not, are the foundation for behaviors and decisions. The values that underpin our work, guide our actions, and define our identity include:

Authentic change

To embrace change infused with deeper meaning. To upend the status quo, push to challenge our fears, and lean into the spaces the allow for growth.


To lead with courage.  To let ourselves be seen. To love with our whole heart. To practice gratitude. To be humble. To be real.


To recognize we are all connected. To appreciate the richness of being connected in an honest and authentic way through shared vision and purpose.

Being in Service

To expand the idea of service as an obligation. To listen deeply. To act with integrity in response to your gift that meets a unique need in the world.

Our Approach


We seek to understand the challenges, situations, dynamics and needs of your organization

Discovery & Design

We collaborate to identify the desired state and change strategies


We implement action and support change efforts

Evaluate & Adapt

We evaluate and adapt to track progress and iterate