Inspire & Evolve

Combining an ideal balance of innovative ideas, real-world experience, and evidence-based strategies, Heather delivers inspiring and action-oriented keynotes to drive meaningful change. As a dynamic Leadership and Future of Work speaker and facilitator, Heather Hanson Wickman provides real value for her audience by helping them evolve outdated beliefs and practices from command and control to strategies that drive growth, innovation, and meaning at work.


In her first book, “The Evolved Executive” she drives home the need to bring humanness back to the workplace, not only for the employee experience but the financial success and livelihood of the organization. She offers several actionable and practical strategies that leaders need today to create a 21st Century Growth Culture.

Insightful & Effective

Each keynote is distinctively customized based on the needs of the organization or team to drive the most significant impact. Heather takes the time to understand the audience and designs a relevant experience combining audience data, engaging stories, and practical solutions that inspire you to action, solving your organizational challenges in new and innovative ways.




  • The Evolved Executive: Leading with Love in the New Work Economy
  • Future of Work: Turning your Culture into an Engine of Growth
  • Accelerate your Leadership: Innovative Strategies to Future Proof your Leadership
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