Heather Hanson


Heather Hanson Wickman

  • PhD in Organizational Systems with an emphasis in Leading Transformational Change
  • Master’s degree in Human Resources/Industrial Relations
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development 

Heather Hanson Wickman brings 10+ years of organization development consulting, both as an internal and external consultant. Heather has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development, a Master’s degree in Human Resources/Industrial Relations, and a PhD in Organizational Systems with an emphasis in leading transformational change.

Heather is qualified to administer a wide variety of psychometric assessments including several Hogan Assessments, the EQ-i, Strengths Development Inventory, and has experience with several 360 leadership and team development tools.

Heather has incredible passion for supporting individuals and organization through positive change. Through her well established organizational experience, she has witnessed profound individual success and organizational progress. Heather is also passionate about research and writing.  With several publications and co-edited books in circulation, she is continuously working on expanding and sharing an important knowledge base to help create organizational health.

  • Books co-edited by Heather
  • Organization Development in Health CareLeadership-and-Organization-Development-in-Health-Care
Colby Wickman


Colby Wickman

  • Has worked within one of the top fortune 500 companies
  • Well versed in all aspects of both large and small business
  • Leadership and management for one of the largest Home Improvement Franchise Systems in the world

As a flip-flop loving adventurer, serial entrepreneur and practitioner of speaking the truth with a dash of love, Colby brings a radically different approach to leadership development, cultural initiatives and business development. With over 25 years of leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies, global conglomerates, franchise organizations and as an owner of multiple businesses himself, he has gained tremendous knowledge and the skills needed to guide organizations, teams and individuals through increasingly complex and meaningful change.

Several areas of expertise include: executive coaching, executive retreats, change management, business strategy development, marketing, and sales leadership.

Colby is passionate about fostering people’s personal and professional growth and achieving the seemingly impossible through conscious approaches and strategies to business in a rapidly changing world.